We're so pleased to finally be here at Web Summit 2015! 

Our stall at Web Summit

We've had a fantastic first day exhibiting ourselves and meeting fellow start-ups. Despite the fact that we all have different things to offer, we are united in that we want to do things differently and fill gaps in the market that bigger companies are not meeting. 

We've also had the pleasure of attending some incredible talks by note-worthy speakers. The one that stood out most for us was Heineken's Soren Hagh. 

Heineken is peerless in building brands and executing successful marketing campaigns. It is a massive brewery that has existed since 1864 and many of their processes have worked very well in analogue. But at the same time, Heineken is one of the biggest embracers of digital. Soren mentioned how a lot of other companies merely pay lip service about digital being the new reality. To Heineken, digital is not about "putting a varnish, but about changing an entire business model" and rewiring in order to win at digital advertising. Rather than setting their own benchmarks, they believe that 'the best' is the benchmark, and they need to reach this.

While most companies experience inertia and fail to embrace digital, Heineken embraces uncertainty and wants to tear down old structures. They also recognise that they still have a long way to go in order to be as successful as they are with traditional advertising. However, by being able to admit this shows that they are on the right track to being a 'winner'.